How Prepared Are You For The Coming Times, They Most Definitely Will Be Hard, Inflation Is Already Biting Whether You Know It Or Not..

We can no-longer remain complacent, we can longer think like yesterday because as times change we have to adapt - Today when you have one income stream, you are a pay check a way from bankruptcy as James Abola says.. The bible is clear about knowledge and about its acquisition, the bible is clear about wisdom, understanding and timing in regards to many things we do.. God's people or people perish for lack of knowledge.
The bridge called knowledge could be the solution to the coming hard times and it's application could be the generative power. 
When I read in the papers and see projections of what's coming ahead, we had better be prepared.. we need our fields prepared, we need not give up on our dreams and passions, we need to dig wells even if they fail and you are chased from one point to the other like Isaac, the turning point will eventually come..
I urge us to prepare, I urge us to seek knowledge in regards to many things but also in regards to this area of finances.. you can no longer have the consumer mindset because that it is selfish but you can have the investment mindset because it won't only bless you but others as well..
We can't pretend to go along with the same chorus out there, yet we have the ingredients to make a difference and make the light shine.. The shift of wealth from the wicked to the righteous won't just happen by osmosis, we need to be trained, we need to be ready, we need to inquire from God, we need to have intelligence, we need to be humble enough to study, we need not repeat the mistakes of those who have done it before, we need to research and many of these things are written in books or we see them every day in the lives of many, our parents lives, history and so on..‪#‎BePrepared‬


  1. i agree with you Arthur#we need to be prepared, read and acquire knowledge which must be applied in our daily lives/

  2. ....which must be applied in our daily lives.. i totally agree too, its something we must all embrace


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