This Is My Prayer For Uganda Today On 15th/10/2015

Dear Lord, I thank you that I am not just a Ugandan but that Uganda was born in me, I thank you for this perfect Land, the pearl of Africa that not only feeds itself but its neighbors and the world all over.
Dear Lord, there is so much happening that words cannot describe, I do not want to look at things happen and wonder why they are happening and forgetting that Lord this is your Land, this is your home, you made Uganda and you created the people who live in it and you gave it to them to be good stewards. I don't want to say I did not pray hence things happened, I do not want my fellow Ugandans and myself and our children to live in regret for our mistakes, Lord have mercy.
Dear Lord, right now I repent on behalf of our fore fathers, on behalf of our ancestors for the things they did wrong, I also repent right now for the things happening, forgive us for the wrong we have all done, so much blame flying from the North to the South, from the East to the West but we are all wrong, we have all wronged you, we have all sinned and I do ask for your mercy upon this beloved Land and upon we its people.
Dear Lord, you are the author and finisher, the alpha and omega, beginning and the end, whatever you start, you accomplish, you are almighty and all powerful, right now, I bring before you the stake of our future, I bring before you, the young and old, the pregnant women who are holding the future of this country, the young fathers, the babies who are being born in this pearl, the children growing up, those who are in school and those learning to walk, feed and play, they all carry the Ugandan DNA, they all have the potential you have given them to do great exploits in this Nation and world beyond. I bring before you our dreams of a united nation, of a prosperous and stable economy, of a young nation with brilliant minds that will have solutions to the world's problems - Lord you have not given us these dreams for nothing, they will surely come to pass at the appointed time.
I pray for the PEACE of our Nation, I pray for all leaders in their own right that your wisdom, knowledge and understanding will reign, that your word will be the foundation of their rule and reign. I pray for the PEACE of every city starting with Kampala down to every district, county, sub-county and parishes. I pray that I will personally pursue peace with my own friends and neighbors, I pray that I will lead by example under your guidance and that Lord, our love for one another will outgrow our hatred for one another, I pray that we will not be divided by where we come from but united by who made us and that is you - In you we are one, In you we are one body.
Dear Lord right now I pray for the coming elections, and I pray that above all, it will not just be who we want but who you have purposed to take on your throne of leadership, you always guide and guide wisely, May we not just look at the outside but look at inside, may we not be wowed by great speeches but wowed by the fact that your WILL is spoken and it's followed to every bit of the word.
Dear Lord I pray that you perfect everything that concerns Uganda and especially at this time of our 53rd birthday, the future of country will no longer be bloodshed but peace, our future will no longer be retarded but progressive, our future will no longer be strange but bright and futuristic - Your word says that you know the PLANS you have for us and those are plans to prospers us, to give a future and hope, plans to give us good health and not harm us - I stand on your very oracles and proclaim it for this beloved country Uganda.
I pray all this in Jesus' name
For God and My Country Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa.


  1. Amen. Powerful Prayer.
    Thank you Arthur, for standing in the gap

  2. Thanks Dinah, we all need to seriously pray, will continue to pray, prayer changes things and also changes us


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