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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lessons From Magufuli Point To Great Personal Financial Literacy

Lessons From Magufuli Point To Great Personal Financial Literacy
I don't think Magufuli, the Current President of Tanzania just started cutting costs out of the blue, I believe so much it has been a journey of self governance and living by example.. whatever he is doing is not far fetched it is real, he is living by principles that work and have been shunned by many who choose to work for their own interests and deny many the benefit of the very common good.. There is something we can all learn... 
People's minds are getting to ask the question, What Would Magufuli Do? And I believe that we should personalize it and also ask ourselves the same question, What Would We Do?... 
Personal finance when done well it will affect the general outlook of your life, when you embody values that not only benefit you but many, you will have influenced many lives by the great decisions you make.. let this be a personal challenge to check through and examine our lives most especially in line with God's word.

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