Don't Stop In Your Journey, Take A Rest But Keep Moving

When I started out my life after CAMPUS, I happened to get an opportunity to do Internship at one of the Good Working places in Uganda.
First of all, I wasn't supposed to be given internship since I had already finished University but I told the people I had gone to ask an opportunity, "All I Want To Do Is LEARN". After one week, I was called to go and start my internship.
As I started growing and learning so many things, I became eligible to get a mini contract to be able to work full time. While such an opportunity kept presenting itself, I got involved in lunch hour prayers at work and this would be done promptly within the stipulated time of lunch which was indeed an hour.
Then some day I was told by a few people within the HR department, that the Director HR did not like me because of MY FAITH in Christ Jesus [I hope its not true till today], However I was already getting even more popular because God had opened the door for me to share about the Kingdom at the work place.
So the mini-contract I was meant to get did not materialize because someone thought otherwise. It hurt me a lot but I had to keep trusting God for other opportunities, Nothing came easy after I left that place of work.
When I left, I searched and searched for other places to intern or train but nothing came, I dropped CVs in the places as I walked within town with the hope that one day they would call me but still that did not happen. It so happened that things did not come as fast as expected, I also learnt that having good results doesn't automatically guarantee you a place, skills are very important for a market place as those were some of the questions they kept on asking me, do you know this or that, it made me realize that I had to add on to my degree knowledge certain practical skills to be relevant in the market place.
I decided I would do anything even if it wasn't in line with my career because I just wanted to learn and understand the Market place. I worked in store where we sorted imported books with my friend Isiagi Moses Ish, I also eventually worked in a fumigation company with Isiagi and Fabian. Those were growth points for me because I happened to volunteer as a Bible study teacher there after in FOCUS Uganda for almost 5 months until I got another opportunity to do something in line with my career. 
You will be denied in some places not because you don't qualify but just because you don't have the required skills, keep improving, keep learning because so much keeps changing day by day.
Currently I work in a very Challenging Place [Makerere University] and it seems like everyday is a new chapter, as long as we are still alive there so much to do that God has deposited within us. Let God be glorified in your work, be excellent even if you have to do the least thing, just be excellent.

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