To My Fellow Men And Leaders Of This World "Prayer Makes Us"

From my heart to you all
I have strongly come to believe that what will what strongly unite men is this one thing called VISION and PURPOSE, when a man is visionary every other man can have some one else to look up too and hence himself help build other men.
To get such a man or men is not easy because such men are MADE, CRAFTED & MOLDED through PRAYER, they are men who seek out the presence of God and dwell there in, If you are to move a fellow man, this is how Hudson Taylor put it, "It is possible to move men, through God, by PRAYER ALONE".
This validates the statement that A MAN OUGHT TO PRAY and not lose heart. If a fellow man is praying and his fellow men are praying they become an un-stoppable force, George Giddle says Give me one man bought by PRAYER and not by A SWORD.
I am reminded especially about how praying connects and how God releases another man to go rescue the other by doing the instructions given by God. This is a classic story between Paul and Ananias, Paul had the experience of damascus and he was blind, he prayed and fasted 3 days and while he was praying, Ananias was also praying and God spoke to him and told him to go and pray for Paul and the scales fell off his eyes, Men who pray can be destiny carries, Men who pray can be deliverers of fellow men and nations, men who pray hear directly from God and do exactly as he said. To me nothing more can humble a man than prayer and fasting before God as he crucifies his dominant self that would want to do things in his own way, another humbling thing is when a fellow man who prays and heard from God brings forth a message of deliverance.
As men we shouldn't neglect one another, we should pray for one another, we should value what we can learn from one another and we should stand with one another, we should love and encourage one another and we should look at ourselves beyond the eyes of our weaknesses but strengthen our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths.
[I loved how we ended our fellowship as men the last time we met,] - from a fellowship experience. the prayers we ended with sealed and protected our purpose for one another and for the whole earth, MEN who pray and practice it will see evident results, Men who pray and dwell in his presence will grow in the right environment and be prepared for anything, they will never fear a thing because God has built a hedge around them just like for JOB.
Lastly Men can only be met and won in the place of prayer, never get into a physical battle with a man, the one who wins loses and the one who loses wins, we as men are on the same team and competition shouldn't be among-st us but we should win together and rejoice in each other's victories because it only makes us all better, My success is your success, my promotion is your promotion, my joy is your joy, my pain is your pain, my loss is your loss, Let the batter by won in prayer and let the victory both be ours and such a thing annoys the devil more than anything, Instead of us being scattered, VISION, PURPOSE and PRAYER will unite us.

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